Concrete Polishing

Make a Great First Impression

If you are wondering how you can use your floor to create a great first impression, then concrete polishing one of the ways to easily do it. Concrete polishing rids your floors cracks and stains to create glossy and reflective surfaces. This flooring solution ensures your space is bright and reflective, an ideal flooring solution for the workplace like industrial garages and warehouses. If you integrate decorative features, it performs excellently for any building floor. But what is concrete polishing, you ask?

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing might seem as a big word but it’s similar to sanding wood, only that it happens on a concrete floors. Instead of sandpaper, it entails a metallic matrix with diamond particles attached to it. This combination grinds the floor to eliminate any blemishes, stains, and pits to get a smooth and shiny surface. The grinding can happen in multiple stages (about four) depending on the condition of your floor. The entire process ends with smooth and finer grinding using diamond abrasives until you’ve achieved the desired sheen.

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Expert concrete polishers know when to introduce finer grits as they proceed through concrete polishing. The process does not end with the grinding. You need to apply an impregnating sealer that penetrates within the concrete to make it denser and harder. In some instances you might apply a polishing compound during the final polishing process to increase the sheen and make it dirt resistant.

Concrete polishing can happen in any of the two ways:

  • Wet Concrete Polishing Method – Which involves the use of water that cools the grinds during the polishing process and eliminate dust.
  • Dry Concrete Polishing Method – Which is mostly used because of its convenience and safety for the environment. Plus, it doesn’t require same cleaning as the wet method.


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Diverse Options

Concrete polishing comes with a lot of benefits one of which is the diverse results you can achieve. Before determining which concrete surfacing  is good for you, you should discuss with your contractor to find the best solution. The three main systems include:

  • Polished concrete systems
  • Grind and seal concrete systems
  • Burnished acrylic systems

Stain Resistant

Besides getting rid of cracks and stains, concrete polishing is stain resistant. After the entire process, it transforms porous concrete surfaces to make a watertight concrete surface that is resistant to stains as well. So, the polished surface can work well in environments with operations involving various solvents and liquid contaminants without any negative effect.

Reduced Electric Bill

With concrete polishing, you get a floor that’s glowy and with reflective surface. This feature helps your rooms take advantage or natural lighting and brighten your space. You won’t need to spend too much on electricity bills because you only need a few lighting installations to light up your environment.

Relaxed Maintenance

Concrete polishing also significantly reduces maintenance costs. The concrete becomes compact and resistant to liquid sips and staining. Cleaning therefore becomes easy and can happen without the requiring special treatments. You can even use hot water hosing if necessary and still achieve great results.

Slip Resistant

Concrete polishing is a touted option in work environments because it’s anti slip. Opposed to what most people imagine, polished concrete has more friction compared to bare concrete surfaces. So, your workers will be safe and avoid unnecessary falls that can end up in courts and be costly to your business

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