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Don’t wait too long to get your dream floor! Whether for your residential space or commercial entity, you’ll need a floor that is durable, easy to maintain, hygienic as well as looks good. That’s what we provide when you hire Centerport Epoxy Floors.


Epoxy in the hands of experts like us has proven (over the years) to make outstanding floors. Because of this, epoxy systems have become a default flooring choice for industrial kitchens, commercial warehouses, garages, retail spaces, hospital environments, and more.

What is Epoxy

So what exactly is epoxy? Epoxy is an organic compound that comprises nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen among other elements that react to make a rigid (yet flexible) product which is used to repair and coat floor surfaces. In a work setting, the user will combine a resin with a hardener to to make the epoxy coating.

It’s worth noting that not all epoxies are the same and will produce different quality depending on the ratio of the elements present. The right epoxy coating for your floor will depend on its purpose, location, and what you intend to achieve.


Epoxy floors

You can achieve durable and beautiful floors for any environment with epoxy coatings. Besides the matte and glossy look, there’s an array of color selections that will work great for your space. If your project meets a creative mind, there is a plethora of floor designs according to personal preferences.

The Centerport Epoxy Floors experts can achieve custom solutions for your needs and make long-lasting floors.

Types of Epoxy Application

Solid Color

Our solid color epoxy application involves multiple layers of epoxy shell crowned with a clear high gloss layer. This type of application is a cost effective solution for spaces prone to abrasion and chemical reactions. Choose solid color application for:

  • Shop floors
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Loading docks
  • Maintenance rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Warehouse floors


Our metallic epoxy is specially done in multiple coatings that integrates a metallic additive to create a gray metallic appeal. This metallic finish does not conduct electricity thus good to seal electrical components. This type of epoxy application doesn’t shrink or crack even upon drilling. This product sets in between five to twelve minutes, giving your project quick finish. You can choose the metallic application for:

  • High impact areas
  • Places with high solvent applications
  • Where heavy machinery operates
  • Projects you need to finish ASAP
  • Where electrical components are involved


Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake application is also multilayered floor coating that entails three parts. At the base is usually the epoxy resin, followed by the epoxy flakes, then covered using a transparent and glossy sealer that is resistant to chemical reactions, chalk resistant, and durable.

Epoxy flake applications are anti slip and functional in tough conditions. Because of these characters, you can use this choice for both interior and exterior use. It can handle vehicle weight and tackle high traffic activities. Even more, you can also achieve camouflaging aesthetics to beautify your space.


Self Leveling

The self leveling epoxy application is one of the easiest options to use. As the name suggests, this epoxy application levels on its own and is easy to spread across your floors. Even though it’s just a single layer of epoxy, it is strong, resistant to environmental damage, easy to clean, slip resistant, and appealing looks.

Self leveling epoxy applications are good for places that are constantly under mechanical wear and chemical reactions.. 


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Residential Epoxy Garages

You’ll agree that residential garages need tough floors. Unlike other rooms in your place, they handle chemical drips, vehicle tires, tool falls, and heavy machinery, among other things. If you let the floors to be bare concrete, you’ll end up with a dingy and unattractive.

The reason epoxy application is the best for garage floors is that it is resistant to water, oil drips, chemical reactions, slip, is very durable, and easy to clean. With these features, you’re sure all your mechanical operations are safe, your floors remain clean, and stays longer. 

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Our team covers Long Island and NYC. Email or text message us a picture of your floor and we can give you a free quote. Depending on the condition of your floor, however, it might require an in-person visit as well. One of our epoxy flooring and concrete coating professional team members would love to speak with you to share some knowledge about our services and to learn more about your specific project.  We take tremendous pride in delivering beautiful, durable new floors and exceptional customer service. We look forward to hopefully working with you soon!

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