Garage Floor Epoxy

Understanding Epoxy for Garages

Have you been thinking about making your garage floor more durable? Then epoxy flooring is what you need to get a floor that will look good and last long. Epoxy flooring for garages has become a trendy option not just because it provides functional flooring surfaces but because it’s affordable to install.

It’s important to mention that epoxy flooring for garages is better left in the hands of experts. They know how to layer the surfaces to get clean results that serves your garage operations well. Any form of cutting corners could mean you won’t fully enjoy its benefits. That’s the reason some epoxy floors don’t serve as long as they should.

Why Choose Epoxy for Your Garage?

Most home mechanics and vehicle collecting hobists agree that epoxy garage floors perform better than most floor coating solutions. Considering that garages experience a lot of tool impact, liquid, chemical drips, handling heavy vehicles, car parts plus tool storages, the need for a tough floor is apparent. With proper installation, epoxy has the natural abilities to deal with all this abuse.

  • Its moisture resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Can deal well with heavy impacts
  •  Makes for easy cleaning
  • It’s non-slip

Epoxy Garage Floor Design

Epoxy is not a boring floor coating. That’s why it performs well both in commercial and residential spaces. There are literally hundreds of epoxy floor designs you can adopt for your garage. As long as you’ve hired a contractor like Centerport Epoxy Floors, you’ll just need to share your desires and they’ll advice and provide the perfect solution for you. A good epoxy flooring company will let you explore cool designs in their collection.

Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance

High quality epoxy garage floors can get up to 15 years of warranty. That means with proper maintenance, these floors can last longer. The good news is that epoxy floors are easy to maintain. All you need is mild soap and water to clean it. If you live in an environment that gathers dust and debris, a mop or broom would work great. If greasing becomes an issue, you can use hot water hosing to get rid of this problem.

Popularity of Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy garage floors have become increasingly popular over time because of their functionality and effectiveness they present. Most reviewers have witnessed first hand how it handles oil, gasoline, stain, and other caustic vehicle chemicals. You can clear all these with a wipe. Garage equipment drops have no chance against epoxy floors because they are very durable. Also, the glossy and reflective nature of epoxy floors makes your garage brighter and saves you on lighting bills.


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